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Nordcore Studded Shoes Havu

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Nordcore Studded Shoes Havu

With Nordcore studded shoes, you can move safely in the winter and not be surprised by icy surfaces. They are ideal for everyday use and for icy and snowy walks or hikes in the woods. No more stumbling out the door or slipping on a walk.

Slippery roads and surfaces can cause serious injuries when the footwear doesn't provide enough grip. It's precisely to avoid these kinds of hazards that studded shoes are a great purchase and a small investment for your health.

The 15 steel studs on the sole of the shoe and the strong pattern create the best possible grip on even the slipperiest surfaces. They also feel comfortable in winter weather, with a warm fur lining to keep your feet warm. The Nordcore Havu studded shoes are water and moisture resistant, so your feet won't get wet either. Nordcore studded shoes have a wide last.

So get ready for the slippery winter weather by getting a pair of quality Nordcore Havu studded shoes that will significantly improve your balance and grip.

Product information:

  • Black color
  • Materials: Nylon, PU, EVA, rubber
  • Water resistant protection
  • Fur lining
  • 15 studs in each shoe
  • Sizes: 36-46