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Nordcore Power Rack

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Nordcore Power Rack

Does your home gym need the final touch?

Has your home become almost like a small gym with exercise, but just bars and weights here and there are not what you are looking for? You need some equipment and you may have to go to the gym to do the sets in question and still pay heavy monthly fees. There would be space, but what would you fill it with?

Well of course Nordcore Power Rack with a squat cage! The hottest product in the home gym, with which you can train all parts of the whole body versatilely and safely. Every home exerciser's dream would be to have their own small fitness center so close that they wouldn't have to go further than the yard.

The Nordcore Power Rack Squat Cage guarantees 440 lb weights, so even with bigger weights, you can definitely train. With the chin-up bar, you can train the upper and middle body versatilely, with the upper and lower pulley you can train the whole body versatilely, for which 2,17 in and 1,02 in perforated plate weights are suitable. Squatting and training with a bar can be done safely and efficiently with the help of a cage.

Now is the time if ever to upgrade your home gym to the level you deserve, because we offer free and fast shipping on squat racks!

Product details:

  • Max. weight capacity: 440 lb
  • Product weight: 156 lb
  • Material: steel + pp plastic
  • Adjustable safety bars
  • Height 86,6 in
  • Width 43,3 in
  • Depth 55 in
  • Sturdy pull up bar
  • Upper and lower pulley
  • Upper and lower pulley weight capacity: 99 lb

Note! The package does not include the barbell and weights!