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Nordcore Basketball Hoop 4,9-10ft

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Nordcore Basketball Hoop 4,9-10ft

Nordcore Basketball hoop 4,9-10ft is the perfect choice for all basketball lovers! This basketball rack is designed to provide great gaming experiences, as it combines excellent durability and usability in the same package. Whether it's enthusiastic yard games or training to improve throwing accuracy, this rack offers engaging basketball moments. The Nordcore basketball hoops are especially designed with a very sturdy back plate made of transparent PC material, surrounded by a steel frame padded with PE.

One of the best features of this basketball hoop is its adjustable height. You can adjust the height of the basket ring between 4,9 and 10 feet, so this decorative stand from Nordcore is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. The height adjustability makes it an excellent choice for both children's games and competitive games for adults.

The stylish design of this Nordcore basketball hoop blends seamlessly into any environment. Its sturdy back plate, measuring 43x29 inches, is made of strong impact-resistant material, so it can withstand even the toughest games. The structure of the back plate, which combines PC plastic and a steel frame, ensures the longevity and stability of the stand.

Moving the rack is made easy with the wheels on the bottom of the base. You can easily move the stand from one place to another without much effort. The base, which is filled with water or sand, holds the stand firmly in place so that you can fully concentrate on the game.

The body ring of this hoop has a diameter of 18 inches, which means it meets the official body dimensions. The basket sock is made of weather-resistant nylon, so it can withstand varying weather conditions. A steel tube with a diameter of 2,6 inches supports the stability and durability of the stand.

This basketball hoop is not only a tool for playing, but also part of a shared fun and active lifestyle. Its PE plastic inflatable base (dimensions 35x24x6 inches) ensures that the stand stays in place even in more intense games. This rack is designed to last and provide fast-paced and fun gaming experiences year after year!

Product information:

  • Adjustable height
  • Height: 4,9-10ft
  • Backboard dimensions: 43x29 inches
  • Material of the back plate: PC plastic steel in the frame, padding PE.
  • Basket diameter: 18 inches
  • Basket material: Weatherproof Nylon
  • Pipe material: Steel
  • Pipe diameter: 2,6 inches
  • Base dimensions: 35x24x6 inches
  • Base material: PE plastic
  • Sturdy base filled with water/sand
  • Easy to move
  • The product includes: back plate, basket, column, base
  • Approval: EN71

The dimensions of the package:

  • Length: 45 inches
  • Height: 8 inches
  • Width: 31 inches
  • Weight: 52 lbs